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If you are experiencing problems in successfully establishing the facts of a Long Term Disability claim or if you need an experienced, effective professional to perform a Rehabilitation Evaluation or Labor Market Survey, then Disability Evaluation Resource can provide a top quality resolution for these issues. Disability Evaluation Resource services are summarized below.

Long Term Disability

Application Development and Evaluation Consulting

Specializing in:

Definition of Individual Occupation Duties and Requirements
Coordination of Functional Capacity Assessments

Preparation of an integrated Job Analysis/Disability Evaluation Report. including:

Specifying the Duties and Physical/Non-exertional Requirements of the Occupation at the time of Disability.
Analyzing and applying the Insurance contract language to the Individual case data.
Documenting the Occupational Duty Requirements with current research data.
Summarizing the match between the Individual case data and the Contract definition of Total &/or Partial Disability

Labor Market Surveying

Labor Market Surveying based on detailed vocational assessment using direct contact and current labor market statistics.


Rehabilitation Evaluation

Rehabilitation Evaluation of Individuals involved in:

bullet Workers' Compensation.
bullet Long Term Disability.
bullet Personal Injury and Related Legal actions.


Fred Fox
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