Fred Fox - Disability Evaluation Resource



"As we near the end of 2001 and reflect on the success and accomplishments of the year, the role you have served in guiding our Individual Disability Income Protection clients through the claims process has been invaluable....Your high degree of professionalism, keen knowledge of the industry, and intuitive understanding of the client's needs provide the basis for your service to them that assures a thorough and accurate representation of the claimant's issues. Your attention to detail and diligent pursuit of avenues that might otherwise be left uncharted has resulted in the most positive outcomes possible for our mutual clients."
C. H., Senior Individual Policy Consultant, Insurance Agency
November 2001

"You have demonstrated a superior capacity to accurately identify critical disability issues and then evaluate the vocational impact of those disabilities. Your work on complex cases over many years has substantially aided in clarifying the case merits and quantifying the earning capacities based on clearly reported claimant interviews, case analysis, and labor market research."
K. M., Vocational Case Manager, Insurance Claims Department
August 2002

Fred Fox
C.R.C., C.D.M.S., C.V.E.
Toll Free: 877/7702888
Voice: 512/343-2888
Fax: 512/343-2893
PO Box 30017
Austin, Texas 78755


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