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referral process

Appropriate case referral Appropriate case referral

1. Long Term Disability benefit application assistance

2. Social Security Disability application assistance

3. Clarification of Own Occupation duties and exertional/non-exertional demands.

4. Coordination with Treatment Practitioners to clarify issues of Functional Capacity

5. Review of Disability issues after a Denial of Long Term Disability benefits

6. Review of Disability issues in connection with possible/current litigation.

Case Review and Development Case Review and Development

1. Contact Disability Evaluation Resource to review the medical impairments with resulting functional limitations.

2. Complete inventories of Work History, Physician list and Medication list.

3. Obtain and review Medical records, request additional records and develop a preliminary disability analysis.

4. Discuss the analysis findings and decide to either continue with current data, develop additional disability clarification data or place the case in hold status.

5. Typically the time period required for full analysis of medical records, including some development of additional data, and preparation of a Job Analysis - Disability Evaluation Report is 60 to 120 days.

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